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About Us

It's an Egg, it's a Worm, it's a Superhuman Crew!

The Superhuman music video was a labor of love with the support of

many friends and family members.


Our Story

"When AVATARI and I first discussed collaborating on a music video for his song, 'SuperHuman', he shared that he wrote it to express his feelings of becoming a new parent. We decided to visualize those emotions through original puppets, designed and built by the wizards at Swazzle Inc. We also wanted to pay tribute to some of our favorite 80's films, the ones with practical effects that we fell in love with as kids. The whole filmmaking process was a joyful blast, it's a mashup of our favorite things. There was no idea too weird or too silly. We know that there are many folks suffering right now in the world and our hope is that for just under 5 minutes, this video might make someone's day a little brighter."  - Director, David Michael Maurer.

Pre-production began Summer of 2019 to allow for design and fabrication time with the puppets.  We made this project with generous support from our talented friends and family so we had to wait until schedules lined up just right to make it possible.  We filmed in February 2020 in Van Nuys, CA and Simi Valley, CA.  Then the global pandemic hit.  We decided to take time with editorial, vfx, and color and collaborate safely.


The video was released in March of 2021.

Meet The Team

Production Partners

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